I wrote the previous post thinking that I was the only one who had this little problem with ING. Then I found this post on Consumerism Commentary where it seems that ING closed 5300 accounts in error. Ouch!

Now after I read ALL the comments on this post I can see why people would be upset. Although we all received the same letter all of the situations were not the same. My credit score was not bad, in fact since I have been requesting it and my credit reports my score has been going up. I have never used the Electric Orange line of credit/overdraft line. I have never written a bad check and I have never had to go into overdraft on any other account that I have with any institution.

There have not been any recent changes in my credit score, especially not any negative ones so there was no reason for my credit score to be the factor that caused my account to be closed. I am not coming down on anyone who has a bad score nor am I saying that that should be a basis to have the account closed.

I think the situation was poorly handled by the ING reps because they could have simply removed the line of credit for the overdraft on the accounts. I have had checking accounts with other banks and they do not require you to have an overdraft.

I think ING should have taken the overdraft off and let people continue to use the checking account like a regular checking account. I don’t see what the problem is with that. The rep told me that the account had to be closed because the overdraft was tied to the checking account but this made no sense at all. The amount can obviously be changed because people had lines of credit ranging from $200 to $1000 so why could it not be set to $0. Or if the system did not allow for zeros then the overdraft for people with problem accounts could be set to $1 so that way they would not be able to do anything with it.

What has been your experience with the great ING debacle of 2007? Did you get the letter saying your account will be closed? What did you do in response to the email?

Have you gotten an email saying your account will be reopened? If so, how long did it take?

Was your credit line reinstated? I will accept comments labeled as anonymous for this post so feel free to write what you feel and think about the latest developments.