I have added the JohnChow.com blidget over to the lower right side of this blog, providing you with an easy way to get your John Chow daily fix. This is a simple way to see all of the latest posts from John Chow and he is providing this free to everyone.

So now you can have content from John Chow…without needing to scrape his feed and repost as your own. I think that it is really sad that people steal other people’s writing and do not credit them for it. Imagine it happened to me a few months ago (goes to show how desperate some people are).

So go ahead and sign up for some fresh articles from John Chow and add his content (legally…and with his permission) to your blog for the day. I just did and I am excited to see what happens.

I will be moving the John Chow blidget over to the left sidebar after the Carnival of Credit Report Stories is published on February 13th.