Hello money savers!

We are going through a period of Lent right now and this is impacting my budget in a positive way I think.

Lent is a period where Catholics take time to seriously reflect on their lives and make a sacrifice as a reaffirmation of faith. Some people give up alcohol (I don’t drink) or smoking (I don’t smoke) but I decided to give up a few foods for Lent.

I will not be eating ANY red meat or drinking juice for the 40 days of Lent so that means no more Subway sandwiches on Sundays and Mondays for me. I have been spending about $20 for the month on Subway so this should translate to a reduction in spending for me.

I have not calculated what I spend on juice for the month but since I will only be drinking water with all meals except breakfast, I think the savings will add up as well.

This savings on juice and red meat should also translate into a healthier body for me as well since we know how many calories are in juice. I hope to be saving money and getting healthier this Lent….all while growing in my spirituality.