I recently wrote a post about the universe wanting me to have a new car and it was meant as more of a joke than anything else, because my current car runs quite well. I only have 80K miles on it and my last car went to 147K before it completely broke down on me.

While I wrote the post in a joking manner…(seriously do I think the UNIVERSE wants me to get a new car?), I think that some people thought I was being serious and was ready to go out and plop down my life savings on a brand new car that very day.

The Lexus RX350 is my dream car and I have been in love with the Lexus SUVs from the time I saw the Lexus RX300. My other $sexy cars are the 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander (my dream before the Lexus) and the Nissan Murano. I love the body style of those vehicles and although I have never driven any of them they are what I would consider the next time I want to buy a vehicle. Of course when I do decide to buy, being the frugal person that I am, I most definitely WILL buy a USED vechicle.

I am saving money now in my Car Fund in ING now that I am completely debt free (yes I love saying that) so that when I do decide to buy a vehicle I can get the one I want.

I am prepared to do the following:

I am prepared to research my ‘new’ car even more thoroughly than I did the current car because I know I will be spending more this time. I am prepared to haggle.

I am prepared to seek alternate funding.

I am prepared to negotiate with the dealer.

I am prepared to make a BIG downpayment on my vehicle.

I am prepared to reject the financing offer made by the dealer because I will have already secured a lower rate before OR even have the cash to purchase the car outright.

I am not prepared to do the following:

I am not prepared to change my mind and get something else that the dealer wants to steer me towards.

I am not prepared to get a vehicle that I do not love.

I am not prepared to simply get a vehicle because it looks nice on the outside.

I am not prepared to go into a mountain of debt just to have a brand new car.

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In my mind part of the reason I save is so that I can afford the things I really want. I love lobster, so while they cost $24.99 for two I know that I cannot eat lobster every day. I have built it into my budget and I can afford to buy a box every month or so…mainly because I eat so many meatless meals anyway.

Yes I will buy store brand milk but I will not use anything but Oil of Olay or Garnier Fructis on my skin. I allocate spending on low priced and expensive and move budgeted amounts around so I can get what I want, when I want it.

So while the Lexus is my dream car it is not something I am going to get even in the next year…unless I win the lottery!!!!!!!