I am a little annoyed right now as I just realized that I lost a pair of ear buds that I really liked. I have a few pairs from back in the day when I used to get free things from CVS etc. but this was a pair that I actually paid money for………….which makes the loss that much greater.

This makes me think of something we talk about in some of my classes..which is that the pain of a loss is so much more than the happiness from a gain even when the item is of the same value.

I have other ear buds that cost the same (at the store) as the ones that were lost but since I got them either free or at a very reduced price. I paid for these and they were in my purse every day and I would use them on the bus to and from class.

I switch purses during the week as I go to class and since I kept another pair of ear buds in my other purse I never really noticed the loss. I was just trying to find these pink ones and remembered that I had not seen them for a few days.

After checking both purses and my stash of spare ear buds I realized that they are truly gone and I think they fell out of my purse one day on the bus when I was jostled.

Do you think you miss something more if you lose it when you paid for it or if it was free?