You know you a Lucian if:-

1. you go to ‘square’; when it was actually the beach, Sans Souci or Cul-de-Sac
2. a fight begins with a “gaujet”
3. you refer to public mass transportation as “takin transport”
4. you dress up “soul” to go out, and you end up only as far as the entrance to the fete or the club
5. you ever bathe with Lifebuoy (the action soap)
6. you know tear gas as “akwimotion”
7. a girl whose name is unknown is referred to as “aye”, “pal”, or, “aye Psst”
8. you ever “make biss”
9. you dislike a fella you call him a ‘bulla’
10. you know all toothpaste as Colgate, and aspirin as Phensic
11. you ever had to rush for a bus to get to or from school, on a regular basis
12. something that was really good used to be “syax!!”
13. you are related to a Charles or Joseph
14. you are related to somebody on the forward list, for that matter
15. you know how to “dig horrors”
16. you know a machete as a cutlass and have one at your home
17. you thought air-conditioning was only for offices and banks
18. you have shown disapproval by ‘cutting eyes’ (probably for that guy who knows you as ‘aye psst’)
19. you’ve been to Libo, Brown, or Steve’s for a fade
20. you go to fete for mun or womun and expect a DJ, dancing and drinks (if you lucky); but you go to a party primarily for food (even if it is cake and juice). If you get any of these in ‘a bun dance” then you say de party “score”
21. you have bought sugar, flour and salt in no-name-brand transparent plastic bags
22. for the longest while you thought the word was actually “lylon” bags and “flims”
23. you have known white sugar to be more expensive than brown sugar
24. you refer to all dish washing liquids as SQUEEZY, all soap powder as BREEZE and all nail polish as CUTEX
25. the first word heard at an exciting event is”hee-salop”!!!
26. you refer to adults as “duh lady” and “duh mister”
27. you know what the word “GASA” means and you use it frequently
28. you shorten words at your convenience. e.g desperate ? DES
29. you know what a “BOOKIE” is and you use it frequently
30. you dress and attend parties/fetes/weddings you weren’t invited to
31. sometimes you doh even dress up to go to the wedding, you just sit down in the church with your pink/green curlers in your hair
32. some one of lesser intelligence is referred to as a “goh goh”, “moo moo” or “dek dek”
33. sucking your teeth is called “choopsing”
34. everyone in your family has their own catapult and guards it fiercely
35. you are offended when someone tells you you shop at S&S or Hobie
36. you have redefined the word ‘ ignorant’
37. you wake up with scratches or hairloss and say maji nwen take you
38. you have 6 or 7 mongrels living under your house which you do not feed and have never bathed
39. you watch your back for jombies
40. you went through several pairs of “catapalls” from Bata
41. you know what kabann is and have slept on it
42. you have a nenen or pawen
43. you used to wear plastic shoes called “jarees”
44. you refer to a step father as bope and the other woman as jabal
45. you refer to all sport utility vehicles as “a jeep”
46. you ‘base your mind’ on something and nothing can change it
47. you refer to a girl you dislike as a skettel, jamet or rat
48. you refer to a wedgie as “a target”
49. pants that are too short or tight are called “chichi booweh”
50. you call an audio system a “set”
51. the way you walk is called a “bump”
52. your initial reaction to someone falling is “cheweh” and prepare to say “heesalop”
53. the school bully threatens to “pass a plok” on you
54. when there is a fight, everyone runs to see “zafe moun”
55. a slap behind the head is a “kallot”
56. your sentences frequently include “ay ay”, “uh”, “ah” or end with eh” or “ee”
57. you use “does” in your sentences, e.g. “I does do dat”, “He does go der ee”
58. you use a hairpin to clean your ears
59. you are in “bones” with someone else and you have “baka” that can help you
60. you refer to all cleansing agents as CLOROX
61. you refer to a group of people as “you all”or “an dem”
62. you ever knew someone who was “simeh-ing gwen”
63. you know people who refer to an internal body pain as “gas”or a “wind” or when you pass gas you “fat dere”
64. you know that fried chicken from Sam’s chicken van tasting good but u eh want nobody to know u does buy it.
65. your idea of going out is going to the Lime, or Triangle, then finally ending up at Indies.
66. you know what “Vantucky” is
67. you refer to community college as “A-level”
68. your chest hurting an you say you must be have “bless”
69. you eat fruits ” in sauce” (Golden Apple-in-sauce, mango-in-sauce”)
70. you know somebody who was a “Police Zodi”