So in an effort to stop the great losses that the post office is experiencing they are looking at cutting down one day of mail delivery. There is a lot of talk going around about cutting Saturday mail delivery and only having delivery on ‘regular’ business days of Monday through Friday.

In theory this should work fine but then you realize that this means there will be delivery on Friday and then nothing again until Monday. This means there is a TWO day gap in the delivery of mail which could lead to some major problems for those who depend on the mail carriers.

In this age of electronic EVERYTHING you might wonder who is really going to be affected by this change but just because you don’t depend on that little white truck it does not mean that everyone else will be fine.

img from mlive.comIn my case I won’t miss the weekend delivery and in fact it might be better not to come home on Monday to an overstuffed mail box because I went out of town over the weekend.

I think that a better solution would be to cut a mid day delivery….like maybe Wednesday instead of Saturday. This way there would only be a ONE day break in delivery of mail which should not affect things too badly.

Having the mail operate on Saturdays will be good for those who cannot steal time during the week to stand in the crazily LONG lines at the post office during the week.

It would also make a difference between your electric/credit card/mortgage check having a one day sleepover in the post office rather than two days and then possibly getting to your financial institution late.

In any case I would prefer losing Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday over Saturday when it comes to the mail even though I am not dependent on it like some people.

What do you think about the move to cut out Saturday mail services?