About two years ago I broke the news to my readers that I had fibroids and I had to have surgery. I spent a great two years without any problems and then in December 2010 I started to get hit with the medical madness again.

I went to the doctor who referred me back to the specialist who took care of me the last time and in February, after all the tests and scans he found out that I had new fibroids that grew again. I wanted to deal with the problem as quickly as possible so I got scheduled for surgery in April to remove those pesky fibroids.

Now I am really annoyed that I have this problem again but this is something that doctors cannot predict. Here are a few things I found out about fibroids:

  • -They are unpredictable
  • -There is nothing you can do to guarantee that you will not grow them

According to WomensHealth.gov

What causes fibroids?

No one knows for sure what causes fibroids. Researchers think that more than one factor could play a role. These factors could be:

  • hormonal (affected by estrogen and progesterone levels)
  • genetic (runs in families)

Because no one knows for sure what causes fibroids, we also don’t know what causes them to grow or shrink. We do know that they are under hormonal control—both estrogen and progesterone.

They grow rapidly during pregnancy, when hormone levels are high. They shrink when anti-hormone medication is used. They also stop growing or shrink once a woman reaches menopause.

I have read on many different sites that one thing that seems to fuel the growth of the little demons is Estrogen. I am currently on a birth control pill that offers a medium level of estrogen but I am going to get the doctor to switch me back to the one with the lowest level because that is what I was on for YEARS before they switched me to a higher dose and I started having problems.

I have already been given some price quotes for things that I need to pay up front and I will be paying for those out of my trusty Health Savings Account at each visit and on the day of the surgery.