I am in a very bad mood right now. My brother just sent me a text and said that mother is now experiencing kidney failure.

He said she is in good spirits and trying to be positive. This is in direct contrast to me because I feel like #%!& and I am frustrated  that I cannot do anything.

She is getting three pints of blood today and is set to get more chemotherapy on Thursday.

I just want to go home now…but I need my job…gotta pay those bills.

UPDATE on October 3rd.

I spoke to my brother online today and he said that she is still in good spirits. Two of my friends went to visit in the hospital and they also said she seems to be in a good mood.

The doctors at home have put her on some stronger antibiotics because they are trying to clear up the kidneys. She got the 5th round of chemo and seems to be doing ok.