I am a member of the Caribbean Pan Ensemble at Midwestern State University located in Wichita Falls.

This group plays steel pan at a number of different locations in the Wichita Falls community and we have played at other venues in Texas.

We have a playout today for the radiology department. (pics to come)

I will keep you updated on the rest of our activities for the year.

How does this relate to saving money? It doesn’t….it is just an ad for my group. We are a non profit group and cannot charge for performances.

We play to have fun and to bring enjoyment to other people and to spread the Caribbean culture to those who do not know about it.
We had those blue shirts for the Caribbean Student Organization’s annual Caribfest. The costume was for the parade. We looked really happy right? We were tired from playing pan and other things. Mr. Black had on his rasta cap with the fake locks! He loves that hat and says it makes him look more Caribbean.