Happy New Year once again. I met with a few friends about midnight yesterday so we could ring in the New Year with those we care about. We ate and talked and then ate and talked some more….and before we knew what happened it was morning. I got back home at 7 am after being up all night having friendly arguments about everything and anything possible. That was fun.

What was not fun was that after being up all night and getting to bed after 7 am I woke up at ……………….drumroll please…..11:35 am.


I got barely 4 hours of sleep and then I wake up feeling grumpy (guess why!).

So since I could not sleep I decided to have breakfast anyway and ended up thinking of how much I have eaten this season and how much weight I wanted to lose. I wrote about exercise as one of my goals for the New Year so I am going to get my 20 minutes in today before I do anything else major for the day.

The thing with this is that I feel tired and sleepy but I find that I cannot sleep. I also cannot just lie there and do nothing so I guess I will get out a book and read for a while.

Twenty minutes of jogging in my apartment today should do me good for today. The next exercise day will be more about some yoga type of stuff.