Hello everyone,

Here are my empties for the month of November.

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This is just a list of the products I have used up for the month. I am making an effort to get rid of the clutter in my life. To do this I will use up items until they are gone…instead of switching like I normally do. These products are all in some stage of being almost finished so don’t think that this is all used up in only one month.


This month I finished up the following candles:

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl.

This is a blend of sweet, creamy caramel and I don’t smell any pumpkin.

Candle Caramel Pumpkin Swirl

Vanilla Bean Noel.

This candle is straight up vanilla and smells very comforting.

Candle Vanilla Bean Noel

Peppermint Twist.

This candle is a variation of BBW’s Twisted Peppermint. I find it to be more soothing.

Candle Peppermint Twist

Vanilla Snowflake.

Candle Vanilla Snowflake

A sweet mix of vanilla with a hint of mint.

Body Care.

Clean and Clear Moisturizer.

I have been using this for years and it works great.

Clean and Clear moisturizer

What products are you working on getting rid of?