I put in $100 into Prosper to make loans some time ago because I really wanted to get into the P2P lending scene. The first little payment came in from one of my loans at $1.48 and since Prosper does not offer interest on that money being held I quickly transferred the repayment back into Wells Fargo and then out to my ING account.

This month the money came in again and I was all set to transfer it…but Prosper won’t let me.

Prosper is holding my money hostage because the TOS now states that you can only transfer a minimum of $25 out of the Prosper holding area.

This means it will take months for me to build up that money to get it transferred out to my interest bearing account.

This is really my fault because I should have set up the Prosper account with my Electric Orange account in the first place. In order to add a new account, I have to fax in forms and canceled checks and all sorts of stuff to protect my identity.

What do you think I should do?

Option One

Should I go through the hassle and add my ING account so I can make small transfers in the future?

Option Two

Should I leave things as they are and let the $25 build up over months and try to do the transfer once all the payments received reach the required amount?

Your advice is greatly appreciated!!!