Today I have a sore throat. We had volleyball on Saturday and I was? a cheerleader so I was screaming my head off. Of course my team won, so that just made me scream even more.

? ?


The other teams are upset but we don’t care. Well today I am paying for all of that screaming and shouting with a really painful sore throat.? My throat is swollen on the inside and it really hurts to swallow. Serves me right for that display on Saturday.

Today I had a test and I am mad at myself for missing an easy question. We were told earlier in the semester that we might have to reproduce a diagram but I just learned the points in the cycle because I did not think we would actually have to reproduce triangles and dotted lines. Well we did! So there I am angry at myself because I knew all the definitions and the order things went in. I just could not remember if something went in a rectangle with dotted lines coming from it or in a triangle with solid lines coming from it. Silly, silly me. Next time I will take the professor literally.

Anyway, now I am in the office and I can barely speak. How will I answer the phones? I made a little sign saying I have a sore throat and I hold it up to anyone who comes in. They all laugh and think it is cute, but it is painful. Oh well I only have three and a half more hours to go. I think I will make it through without needing to speak too much.