Hello everyone.

I got this email from a reader, Jylie (who runs a personal blog here), who was asking for some advice and I wanted to share it with you.

Hi Lulu,

No, thank YOU! Truly. I’ve passed your blog on to several colleagues and friends that I have had conversations with over the past year or so regarding finances and things of the like and they, too are impressed and more importantly, inspired. I’m not sure what age group you are in but I am 28 years young, recently married and a mother of two. I had my eldest (age 7) at 20 and my parents were no longer living in Miami (where I’m from). My parents never taught me any lessons in finances or how to manage them properly, or the stress that could rise from finances or, the do’s and don’ts of credit cards. Once I turned 18 I applied for every single credit card known to man just because they had leopard printed card options and I felt it was money at my fingertips to burn. These cards would later help me with my son as well.

You can imagine that it did not “end” well lol. To this day I am still at a struggle but now, with a mortgage and hospital bills and a new baby girl with those expenses to handle I am at a breaking point, literally. My husband was laid off in 2009 and since then we have been relying on my income alone, which is a good-enough salary but not for four children (he has two from his previous marriage) and a life of dollar signs calling our names.

My reason for sharing this with you is only because of the fact that even to this day, with me now living just 12 miles from my parents’ home (I moved to Atlanta with my son to be near them for support of any kind), they still have not done much to advise me of the right way to overcome financial stress. They have prepared Excel sheets and shared how they handle their finances but for a person that has never had any guidance what-so-ever, it’s hard to pick up the skills at the drop of a hat! So, from your blog I learned what the “snowball” method was (something I’ve always heard but never Googled; go figure); I received many tips that I plan to try out and am just INSPIRED to take care of these matters.

My credit score dropped to 486 this year with my home heading into foreclosure (sad face) so any and everything I can do to help get it back up will be amazing.

LOL, sorry for the long novel of an email here. I just wanted to give more of an idea of my current situation and why someone’s simple blog was so inspiring…

Thanks again.

Now I did email this reader and we are working on a few things to get her back on track but what advice do YOU have for her? Make your suggestions in the comments below!!!!