I currently live in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment and people have been asking why I don’t rent out the spare room to make some extra money.

I have thought about it in the past but decided against renting out my spare room at this current point in my life.

I like the privacy that I currently have and having a room mate right now would seriously cut that down. I like to lie down on the floor sometimes and put my feet on the chair and read a book and I would feel a bit uncomfortable doing that in the living room if I had a room mate. There is also the issue of my pet cat to deal with and I am not sure how I would handle that. The cat currently has a litter box in the spare bathroom but if I had someone staying with me then that would have to change. The bathrooms in my apartment are on the small side and it would be quite cramped if I had the litter box in the bathroom that I use on a regular basis.

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It is hard to find someone that you can really trust with your space and I think that is a hassle that I do not want to go through right now. I shared my living spaces during my early college years and I found that room mates coming and going at different times presented a security issue for me. Having someone else with keys to the front door meant that I could not put the deadbolt on when I wanted to. I know that the deadbolt is not a big level of security but it is still better than having just the regular lock on and certainly a lot safer than having the door unlocked.

I am also afraid of having a crazy person so I would need a background check. Having a good set of background information on a possible tenant is good protection against getting someone that won’t pay their rent or habitually pays late.

Having a room mate means that things will not necessarily be EXACTLY as I want them to be in the shared spaces. This means that I would have to compromise on the shelf space in the fridge and in the pantry and I would have less space for my stuff as my roomie would need to have his or her own items as well.

I am a little bit OCD about a few things and the one thing that drives me completely crazy is dishes sleeping in the sink overnight. I hand wash my dishes and I make it a point to wash everything at night before I go to bed. The only exception would be if there was a baking dish or pot that had caked on stuff that needed to be soaked overnight. Not everyone shares my feelings and I have lived with people who thought it was perfectly okay to let dishes sit for days on end before washing.

I hate to vacuum so I keep the tracking in of dirt to a minimum by not wearing shoes in my apartment. Well actually I wear cheap flip flops in the house but shoes that go outside are not worn into the apartment past the entry way. They are removed on mats at the entry and dusted off before being taken in to the shoe bags that hang inside. I know I can ask my roomie to do the same but it may or may not be something that fits in with that person’s lifestyle.

Living Cycles.
I typically go to bed early or at the very least turn in and read a book before winding down. I am not sure what my roomie’s habits would be but what if I end up with someone who goes to bed at a later time than I do. Or what if they work later than I do and my early rising habits cause problems?

I know that all the points listed above are things that you look for when you are interviewing potential roomies but I think that right now it is a hassle that I am not ready for. I can still comfortably fit my rent payments into my monthly budget so the issue of money is not a big one for me right now.

Yes it would be nice to get that additional income to offset what I pay in rent but I think that I like my current lifestyle and living conditions too much to get a room mate right now.

Would you consider renting out a spare room in your home? Why or why not?