Resolving a will dispute is a process that can be carried out affordably. Mediation will help you to resolve

conflicts and sort out issues without the extensive costs associated with court procedures. When you

have disputes based on family wills, you will have strained relationships with loved ones. This is why you

need to reach a worthwhile agreement making it possible for you to move on.

You can deal with will disputes while you save money through proper management of the situation and

timely resolutions. The process of mediating helps to sort out disputes to help keep your relationships

intact while resolving a will dispute effectively within a reasonable period. Your will disputes no longer

need to cause distress and endless bickering.

With mediation, you will be able to deal with estate issues effectively and save the money that you

would have used in a litigation process. Each party involved receives the opportunity to express

concerns and provide information regarding their needs to pave the way for dispute resolution.

Agreements made during mediation are legally enforceable and are binding for the parties involved.

If you are a beneficiary who feels disappointed by the content of a loved one’s will. You and other

people may be concerned about whether or not the will is a valid reflection of the deceased’s wishes.

Contesting wills can be a complex and challenging process without the involvement of practical legal

advice. You require the professional input of lawyers who can give you the guidance you seek.

The challenge of the will can be successful and rendered invalid or the application of intestacy rules can

apply. You are at liberty to simply contest a will if you want to challenge the validity of the document.

Valid wills must have signatures from the people who make them in the presence of at least two

witnesses who also sign the will.

The person who makes the will must also be of sound mind and know what he or she is doing while

making the will. It must also be clear that the person was not under any force or influenced by other

people in the process of writing the will.

Lawyers are available to help clients contest wills effectively. A successful challenge is achievable if

there is proof that the person making the will was not aware of the implications of the will made. This is

generally dependent on medical evidence retrieved from records and medical practitioners.

If the testator wrote the will under coercion or there is an indication that there was excessive influence

to serve a particular beneficiary’s interest, the will can be challenged effectively. Force can be through

threats, emotional blackmail and even violence.

Other wills that can face a legal challenge include wills hurriedly put together because the testator did

not carefully think out the content of the will. There are laws in place to help beneficiaries who feel

what was set aside for them was not enough. If you want to challenge a will, it is advisable for you to

seek the services of a professional lawyer.


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