On Thursday the staff was being given lunch by some members of the community in order to show their appreciation.

Everyone was talking about the lunch and people who usually brought their lunch said they would not be bringing anything in.

I decided to bring my lunch just in case there was something I did not like…or in case the food ran out by the time I had to take my lunch break. One lady told me I should not bother, but I told her I was a very picky eater (remember my adventures with green beans?) and I just wanted to be safe.

So I went ahead and packed my little lunch and put it in the refrigerator in the staff room and went about my daily duties. I went to the lunch when it was my turn and almost fainted. The lunch consisted of mashed potatoes and fried chicken (I don’t eat chicken) with rolls and dessert.

I promptly turned around and went into the staff lunch room and got out my bagged lunch. To my surprise there were? a number of people in there who were trying to decide where to go for lunch because they? did not like the lunch.

I just took up my lunch and walked out of the room laughing to myself. I would have ended up like those folks, hungry and having to drive to get lunch if I had not brought in my lunch.

I therefore saved money both on buying lunch on that day and on using up gas to get that lunch.

Bring your lunch to work….even if people laugh at you…you will end up having the last laugh with your money in your pocket.