Well you guys and gals know about how I am always looking for a way to save some money where I can.

Yesterday I decided that my comfort was more important than a few cents on the electric bill.

We had a cold front move through my part of the globe yesterday and we had some strangely cold temperatures.

Normally when I am at home I would just use my space heater to warm up the room that I was in.

This is so that I would not be heating up the entire apartment when I was just in one room..thereby saving on the electricity usage. Last night it was so cold that even with the space heater going in the living room and me under a comforter while I watched television I was still uncomfortable.

I ended up turning on the main heater for the apartment so I could be comfortable. I closed the vents off in the rooms I was not using, like the kitchen and the second bedroom and that was when I made a discovery. There are no vents in the bathrooms. I never noticed this before but it was a relief because the bathroom ceilings are high and that would mean I would have to stand on a chair to close the vents otherwise.

I did end up needing to use the space heater in the bathroom when I went to shower for bed last night but the main heater stayed on and served the rest of my place. I was nice and toasty and comfortable….and not one bit worried about the electricity bill.