I recently wrote about how Saving Money At Work Makes My Coworkers Mad and I just had another round with some of them. We had a teacher workday last week and the principal announced that we would be having one hour for lunch.

This was a big deal to everyone because teachers (at least all that I know of) only get 30 minutes for lunch. I decided that it would be a normal day for me and I brought my little blue lunch bag in to work like I do every day.

There was no discussion of anyone buying lunch or doing anything different so I thought that the day would be just like every other day.

Well on the day I guess everyone decided to go and get lunch together and two people looked at me and my lunch bag. They both asked if I had brought my lunch, to which I replied yes. They then asked if I was going to go to lunch with them………


I just said that I already brought my lunch but I will still answer that question. Um no, I will not be going to lunch because I brought my lunch *see the lunch bag?*

One lady said that I could still come along if I wanted to. I politely refused and said that it was ok. Wow! Just because we get an extra 30 minutes I am  supposed to just throw my frugality to the wind and go out to lunch (at some place I probably don’t even like…like that stupid restaurant where the cashier overcharged my card for the tip ….which I later had to fight to get fixed).

No thank you. I enjoyed my tuna sandwich and cranberry juice and granola bar and I did not waste gas (yeah, they ALL took their OWN CARS even though they were all going to the same place!).