I just got this new Chase card that I will be using for all of my purchases for the month of June. This card gets cash back at a rate of 1%-3% so I am running a little experiment here. My PayPal card, which I was using for purchases before, only gets a flat 1% on all purchases so it is no longer the best deal for me.

My Chase visa card will give me 3% on gas (which I really need with gas being over $3.00 a gallon now) and 3% on groceries and then 1% on everything else. Of course I need to pay the bill in full each month so that I do not incur any finance charges on the card….and therefore raise my debt even more. I have set up the transfers in Money already and I am using the Chase card like I was using PayPal. I will only use the card for what I have the money for. Then I have Electric Orange set up to pay the bill after a few days.

I was using the money that I had in PayPal to get gas and groceries and I would check my limit before any purchase was made. I will do the same thing now because that is the money amount that will be used to pay the Chase card.

Ok this was supposed to be simplifying things but I just read over and it does seem to be a little bit more complicated. Hmmm.

Anyway I understand what I mean so I will keep you up to date with that.