Welcome to How I Save Money.

Today’s post is NOT about saving money and I am so mad about this all. My coworkers decided (well the principal told us) to have lunch together to bring us closer together before school starts.

We put names of places in a bag and dipped and came out with this steak place. Good for all the meat eaters…bad for me. I finally found a shrimp meal that I thought would be good.

It was bad.

The shrimp was poorly cooked or poorly seasoned and was just bland. The rice was blah…the potatoes were so so.

Total for meal $12.97 plus @1.00 tip. Hey the waitress was BAD so she is lucky she got anything at all.

Then I had to have a filling in my tooth replaced. My part cost $61.00 and the insurance gets the rest.

School starts on Monday so let’s see how that goes.