These are my stats on the stock challenge for this morning. This is bad….it is REALLY bad. I have been picking some poorly performing stocks so far and I lost a LOT of money on the challenge.

Account Value (USD): $88,206.42

Buying Power: $41,146.32

Cash $586.22

My only consolation is that this is not real money or I would have been in a real jam. I think I really should not have messed around with the figures so much because I started off in a better position and now I am at the bottom.

I have just decided that I need to hold on to the stocks I have because I have been losing a lot of money on some frivolous trades. So my baby step to leave the stocks alone is to not do any trading for the rest of this week. I will just watch and see what happens but I will not take any action.

This was the last actual portfolio and now the stocks all seem to be doing better so I guess this is their valentine’s day gift to me.

My account value has just increased to

Account Value (USD): $88,969.69 Buying Power: $46,258.01 Cash: $10,246.33

after my LAVA (my initials…..yaaaaaaay!) stock went up in value. This is looking much better so I think I will have a good trading day today any way.