Well folks the big surgery is today. I have to be at the surgery center at six in the morning and I am scheduled for a 7:30 am surgery.

I will be spending the day in bed….hungry, since I am not allowed to eat. Posting will continue as usual so keep checking the blog. I will write about the experience as soon as I can.

Big HUGS to everyone who has prayed, sent well wishes or helped in any other way. You guys and gals are the greatest and Save Money LUVS you all.

In the meantime I urge you to check out What a 9 day stay in the hospital taught me about Health Insurance over at the Dough Roller. My experiences from the time I had to spend time in the hospital and the bills that followed share a similarity with his post. The bills just seemed endless and each time I felt I was done, I would get another bill from a doctor or a lab or some strange place.

All I can say is I am certainly glad I have health insurance because I would not be able to pay the $25,000 that my time in the hospital cost in all, but when you consider that my insurance only pays 80%….well you can do the math.

Those few days last year just killed my finances….and now I have to gear up for some more bills in the future…..not to mention the huge amount they have charged me up front because I still have out of pocket expenses to cover.