Remember when I said Technorati thought this was not a blog? Well apparently this has just been fixed….after numerous emails. Here is just a brief run through of the situation:

Save Money: Hmmmmmmmm, I joined Technorati some time around October and they said I am a real blog. *Save Money does happy dance*. I have since then been linking to other blogs and had a few link back to me. This feels good. I am making little bloggy friends. Now that it is January I think I will link to another bloggy friend. By the way let me see how my pings are doing.

Technorati: Sorry you are not a blog.

Save Money: O….kay. I do not understand what happened here. I was a blog in 2006 but now in 2007 I am no longer a blog. What is going on. Let me see if lulugal can claim me.

Technorati: Sorry you cannot be claimed because you are not a blog.

Save Money: What? Jagular said he likes reading me. I am too a blog.

Technorati: Nope.

Save Money: Am too.

Technorati: Are not!

Save Money: Okay then let’s settle this. Lulu is going to delete the claim and then reclaim me and we will see if I am really a blog.

Technorati: You’re still not a blog.

Save Money: So then how was I able to link to other blogs and have them link to me? And why did I have a rating, albeit a low one, all up until January?

Technorati: I do not know how that happened. Only blogs can do this. But you are not a blog.

Then FINALLY an email comes in from technical support saying that the problem has been fixed and Save Money can now be claimed.

Save Money: Lulu was able to claim me AGAIN and now you can send your spiders to crawl to make sure I am a blog.

Technorati: Okay, okay you are a blog. What is wrong with you? Why did you think you were not a blog? We do have you listed here as a blog….that is linked to other blogs….and has been doing bloggy things all this time.

Save Money: But….how…… *Save Money does headshake of confusion*.

Technorati: You are a blog. You have always been a blog….so act like one.

Save Money: Yeah! I am a REAL blog once again.

Technorati: *shakes head in amazement*

Save Money: Since I am now officially a real blog again I would like to thank those who supported me during the period of delusion where I thought maybe I was a blog but I was not: Jagular, Sheila, Baz, Leigh Ann, Web Dev, Save Me, Link Experiment, NCN, 1st Million, Affluent Blogger, Money for Military, Penny Pinching, and all the others who supported me.