Update On Mother…Blood Transfusion

Mother is back in the hospital due to complications. She needs to get a blood transfusion before she can get the next set of chemo drugs.

I am getting depressed.

Author: Lulu

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  1. as someone that lost a parent to cancer suddenly, YOU WILL NOT REGRET AN EXTRA VISIT – OR TAKING THE TIME TO GO SEE HER, JUST IN CASE.

    If she turns out fine, then you got an extra visit. If not, then you did the right thing. If you can swing it AT ALL, you should go. Regardless. You will NOT REGRET going too often.

    I would KILL for the chance to make an un-necesaary visit.

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  2. LuLuGal

    Just saw this post. Hang in there. My mother as well has cancer and it has been a tough past 4 years. We have done everything possible, but it continues to spread. The only thing that makes us happy is that the spreading is slow.

    She’s undergone at least a handful of blood transfusions in the process. It’s hard to think about these things when you also have to work and pay the bills…

    As they say, money isn’t everything in life, and my experience with my mother has taught me that. But it’s tough…

    Keep up your spirits!


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  3. I wish you the best. Stay strong and know that your love and support for your mom is the greatest gift you can give her.

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  4. My heart goes out to you and your family. My wife and I will keep you and your’s in our prayers, wishing you and your mother happiness, wholeness, and health..

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