This never ending saga with the insurance company is driving me crazy. They have not paid ANY of the bills for the hospital visits from FOUR months ago.

Now the hospital is sending ME bills of over $20K apiece as if I can afford to pay that. Well they are on mother’s name…but still, I am the one opening them up every few days.

The hospital has now taken to calling her cell phone to harass her about the bills. Now am I wrong here…but if the hospital verified the insurance shouldn’t that part be THEIR problem now? I do not see why they are calling my SICK mother and telling her that they have tried to call the insurance manager and keep getting put on hold for over 15 minutes with nothing happening.

If YOUR business office verified the insurance then you should know who to deal with at the insurance office. Stay on hold with them for 30 minutes if you have to. Don’t call a sick woman who is lying on a hospital bed to tell her that you cannot get through to the insurance manager and she will now be responsible for the full bill.

She is SICK and this STRESS is not helping. Call the insurance company and harass them!

Ok end of rant.