Remember when I wrote in about getting the new phones and I talked about T Mobile and their customer service? Now fast track to today.

I ordered the phones a MONTH ago and still there is no phone. I have called and called…because no one will call to update me on anything. I call today and …what a surprise…the phones are still on back order with no delivery date on the horizon.

I ask the service rep what they DO have available and she starts with a list. I ask if they have the BlackBerry Pearl available and she says they do…but only the black ones…because the white ones are out of stock and are currently on back order.

I say okeydokeypokey….gimme two of those then. She puts me on hold for eons and then when she comes back she informs me that I would have to pay for the phones.

I am flabbergasted! I say let’s get this straight. You guys extended my contract for another two years by promising me a phone that I would get in one week. A month and countless phone calls later I do not have the phone and you guys will NOT give me something else to replace it. You will not give me the phones that you DO have in stock but are content to make me wait indefinitely for a now mythical phone that I do not even think exists? Ok.

Not Cool.

At this point I am very upset. In fact I am angry. If I was the sort of person who curses then you would hear some juicy ones coming out of my mouth. But I do not curse….so there. I do some deep breathing and ask her what I am supposed to do now. I ask to speak to a supervisor…but they are ALL busy.

Wow! What a surprise.

Now here is what I am thinking. Am I not a paying customer? Do I not pay my bills on time? I have never missed a payment. I always pay the bill well in advance of the due date and I have always been a good customer. I have been with them for 3 years now and this is the service I am getting at this point. I am not a happy customer.

The service rep says she will have a supervisor call me when they get off the phones…which translates to ‘no one will call you because you are an insignificant customer and we are a big company and we do not need you’.

How’s that for customer service. I am waiting an hour and then I am going to call back. I will keep calling, stalker style, every hour…maybe every 30 minutes until this can be resolved to my satisfaction.

The thing that is getting to me even more now is that I am locked into a contract that I have nothing to show for. Honey does not even have a phone and I am dealing with this nonsense.

The countdown begins…..12 more minutes before I call them…if no one calls me first!