Update on the Surgery

This is NOT a post about how to save money so if you get grossed out easily then you need to skip this post.

The big day is quickly approaching and I guess some of you are wondering what I need surgery for. I was not going to put it out there because I felt so strangely about it, but then I was ‘outed’ by Escape Brooklyn in The Verdict: Surgery so I am letting it all hang out here.

I have fibroids.

Whew! There I said it.

I had to spend some time in the hospital because of uncontrollable bleeding and that is why I had to end up getting blood transfusions. I kept passing out because my blood levels were ridiculously low. I am talking about DAYS of losing blood.

I still feel icky talking about the details but if you read Escape Brooklyn’s posts about being Cheap or Stupid and her later Medical update then you will be able to get an idea of what I have been going through. We did not have exactly the same experiences but they are close enough for you to understand my experiences from reading hers.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Bad cramps is bad enough, this must be just awful. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it but hope you’re 100% better after the surgery!

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  2. Gosh, that sounds awful. I get my period like once a year, which isn’t healthy but I hate it when it comes, so I can just imagine how craptastic it feels to have it… for a long, long time. I hope the surgery helps you!

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  3. @ Her Every Cent Counts:
    Girl don’t you think you should get that checked out?
    Both doctors have said this will stop the bleeding…so if it does not work I guess I will have to hunt them down and get all my bloggy buddies to beat them up huh? 🙂

    @ JW:
    Thank you for the prayers. I really believe they work so I need all what I can get.

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