I used Amazon Locker Pickup for the first time yesterday and I am in love with the system. I love shopping online and do a lot of orders from Amazon.

Normally I would ship my orders to my apartment since that is so easy. The bad thing is that even with the delivery window it was not always convenient.

Why I want to switch

Sometimes the delivery drivers would knock really loud and I would know my package was outside. Some drivers did not knock loudly…and others did not knock at all. If I was at work then I would come home to find my packages on the ground if I was lucky. A couple of times my boxes were marked as delivered but were not at the door. Luckily, I was able to get those resolved but it was still a hassle and a waste of time.

amazon locker

img from businessinsider.com

I recently saw the Amazon Locker pickup system and decided to try it out. One of my  friends used it last fall but I forgot about it.

How it works

I placed my order and got a text message as usual. This time however, when the item was ‘delivered’ the text had a link to click.

I clicked the link and got a message for a scannable code. I did not know ahead of time that the code was only good for 15 minutes or I would have waited until I was at the store. This was not a problem since I was on my way to pick up groceries anyway.

I got to the Amazon store and clicked the link and received my scannable code. I walked up to the desk and asked the attendant what I needed to do. She told me I simply walked up to the numbered locker above my code and scan my phone!

I went to the lockers and scanned my phone and one of the drawers popped open!

This was the easiest pickup ever and I will now send all of my purchases to the pickup location.

Will I drive more?

I actually will not incur much in the way of extra driving. The Amazon Locker pickup room is close to my campus. I have to drive to work and school during the week so I will just stop off on my way home to pick up any orders.