I gave up cable television for Lent last year and then ended up going on for months without reconnecting it. I used Netflix for a little while but relied on Hulu for my entertainment and watched television programming on the computer.

Along with giving up cable I also unplugged the television (which is OLD!!!!!) and have not turned it on except for about 5 minutes every couple of months to make sure that it was still working. I have gotten so accustomed to watching shows on MY time and not on the specified time from the network that right now I wonder how I lived without Hulu in the first place.

It is one year later and I am relieved that I do not have to base my schedule around the whims of the networks. I no longer have to rush from what I am doing to watch House at 7. I don’t have to flip to a different channel to watch CSI at 9 on one day and then 9:30 on a different day.

I no longer have to be upset that there are two programs that I want to watch that are BOTH playing at 8 on different channels.

Yes with Hulu I have to wait a day or two after the original airs to see it…but with Hulu I can watch CSI, NCIS, House and all the other shows back to back on a Sunday after church if I want to. I love having viewing marathons and watching a different show each time because that was something I just could not do when I was tethered to the cable cord.

Yes I see fewer options on Hulu because it is totally free and some of the shows are only available on Hulu PLUS which you have to pay for. It only costs $8 per month which is a lot less than what my cable bill used to be but I have found that the selection on Hulu is enough to satisfy me so I have not thought of upgrading as yet.

I did miss things like the Superbowl and the Grammys as those were not available for live streaming but I did not miss them. I like using Hulu currently and after one year of no cable I do not think that I will go back unless I have someone staying with me for an extended time.

In general I do not miss having cable because I like the freedom of getting on to Hulu and watching things at my leisure. I don’t miss the regular programming because I do not know what is going on so I do not see myself ever going back to having cable.