So a friend of mine asked what I would be doing this Black Friday and I said NOTHING.

I will be staying safely in the confines of my home and will NOT be among the thrashing hordes at the mall and various stores trying to score some kind of deal.

I worked in retail in the past and I must say it was a nightmare. There are people camped outside the stores way before they open and sometimes even employees have a hard time getting through. I just found out there is a lady camped outside a Best Buy four days in advance to get some toy for her child.

Seriously? Four days in advance!!!!

And the funny thing is that the item she wishes to get is available online for the Black Friday price and can be ordered after 5 pm on Wednesday. If you plan to brave the crowds just make sure you are careful because some of these people mean business and will do just about anything to get their hands on that coveted item.