Hey guys and gals I will be updating my blogroll in the next few days to reflect what I am truly reading. I have noticed that a few people are not posting regularly, in fact I have one person who has not posted anything since February! If you have not posted in the last three weeks I will be taking you off the blogroll but you will still have a link within a post.

As soon as I see that you have started to post again then you will be put back on the blogroll. I have also noticed that two people from my blogroll have taken me off theirs (bad you and bad you too) so I guess I will just have to reciprocate. I am not sure why this has happened but it is a sad fact and life goes on.

I am updating my blogroll because I really do visit the links on my blogroll and read what you guys and gals are writing. This blog was formerly called Save Money and was hosted on another domain but I have updated to this new domain. I am not sure if the people who removed me did so because of the name change…..but the old link points to this new site and I have been contacting everyone on my blogroll to let them know of the changes. In any case what’s done is done and I am reciprocating the link love here.

I will be going through the blogroll over the weekend and making the changes noted above. If you have not already updated the link to Save Money on your blog then you can go ahead and do so now and point to https://howisavemoney.net.