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I just read an article called Dude, Like Where’s My Education from the Dallas Morning News. This was a funny and well written piece by someone who was obviously making fun of the decisions that Dallas Independent School District made towards grading students.

I am a teacher (not in Dallas) and I think these are some of the absolute WORST decisions you could possibly make. The new grading rules are supposed to help the students to be more successful but in my opinion they are just setting them up for failure.

Here are some of the “brilliant” ideas proposed:

Homework grades should be given only when the grades will raise a students average and not lower it.

Teachers MUST accept overdue assignments.

Only the principal can decide if late assignments will be penalized.

Teachers cannot give a zero on an assignment unless they call parents and make an effort to raise the grade first.

What this tells students is that they do not have to even make an effort because they will automatically receive at least a 50 in the class without turning anything in. Since a 50 does not count, the student also gets opportunities to get bonus points for homework so the grade can be raised to an acceptable level.

I agree with a letter to the editor that says (paraphrasing here) that when these students graduate they will be well prepared for the workplace because OF COURSE their bosses will let them come to work late and not do anything at all for the whole day.

Come on Dallas. After ALL of the controversy this is what you do?