I wrote a review of John Chow back in February (specifically batch 22) when I was on the old domain name with the Save Money blog and then I moved to this new one and lost the link from him…..so I have to write another review. Now isn’t John Chow lucky to be reviewed by me twice! So since I wrote a serious review last time I decided to write a poem this time. Now you guys know I am not a financial advisor…and I am not a poet either…but I took a stab at it.

Take a deep breath and here we go:

There once was man named John Chow
Who offered links back to his site.
If you write a review
He will get back to you
And he posts frequently, day and night.

John can help you make money online
If you follow the rules he sets out.
When he links to your blog
Then your rating will jump
Up in Technorati like a frog.

John is a dot com mogul
He’s a friend to the community.
I did this before
Now I’m doing it again
To get back to a PR of 3.

John Chow likes to write about cars
He reviews restaurants…but not bars.
He’s on Review Me
And his site makes money
And that is the end here for me.

Ok John I did the second review of your blog. Whew! BTW good to see that you will not be leaving us….although it is tough about your deal falling through.