Ok so I get my little check for the month today. Good news!

Now the bad news! Before the check clears I have already written out all the bill payments I have and they are stacked next to the computer. As soon as the check clears I am sending all the payments out in the mail. My entire check has already been budgeted for and I have almost nothing left.

I am soooooooooooo happy that I got the gift cards from MyPoints.com so now I can at least get bread this weekend. If you have not already signed up for MyPoints (and why not?) then you need to hurry over there at http://www.mypoints.com/ and start clicking on those offers.

You can get points for a number of different offers like aplying for credit cards and joining survey groups. You also get 5 points for every email that you get from them. Of course you have to click on the link in the email for the points to be credited but that is sooooooooooo easy.

Then you can redeem your points for stuff. I use mine to get WalMart gift cards and I have two cards that are getting my groceries this week.

So even though my little college student, part time check is small I am still working on my debt snowball and with the help of MyPoints I can eat.

Remember every penny counts when you are in a desperate situation so do what you can to get what you want.