These are some of the posts that I enjoyed recently so check them out:

How to use your Credit Card to Make Money Every Month by Dividend Money. I always use my Chase credit card to get cash back and pay it off in full every month so this was a hit for me.

Merchant Categories on Chase Freedom Statement at Pro Bargain Hunter. I just mentioned the Chase card rewards, but I have this problem as well. Chase shows some merchants as ‘other’ and this does not rack up cash back for me. Bummer.

21 Days to a Negative Money Habit at Saving Advice. This post tells you what to do if you want to really develop bad money habits. Of course if you want to develop good habits like how to save money and reduce debt then you will do just the opposite of what this article says.

A Banana for your Thoughts by The Loco Mono. Mark talks about his favorite money saving people and tells everyone that I buy a lot of toilet paper . Hey there is nothing wrong with that

and finally

Trying to Get Things Done by Baz. Here he is talking about using the Getting Things Done book to organize his life better.

Getting Things Done I recently read (most of) that book so you need to get a copy of it yourself and get your life organized.

Those were just a few things I enjoyed reading and I encourage you to check those bloggers out for some great reads.

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