Welcome to How I Save Money. Today we have a guest post from The Freebie Blogger who has been so gracious to write for me while I am off taking care of my mother.

In my early days I was not much of a saver. If there was a contest for who could charge up a credit card the fastest, I would have no competition. But in the past few years I have started to change. I now realize that the life I want can’t be bought … but it can be saved . I (like everyone) want the perfect life. For me, the perfect life means having kids and staying at home, not working our fingers to the bone hoping we can pay our bills.

But how can I achieve this? An additional family member, one less income, and all of our current bills … here is how I’m doing it!

  • My husband works 15 minutes of overtime each day = $150 mo.
  • With no job so I save on gas = $120
  • I quit smoking = $100
  • Quitting smoking got rid of my heartburn, so no more Prilosec = $30
  • Got rid of old phone service and switched to Skype = $25
  • Only go out to dinner once a week (no more weekly fast food lunch or ice cream dessert) and try to use a coupon = $80
  • Saving on groceries and household items (shopping sales, using coupons, sending in rebates, exploiting ECBs at CVS and SCRs at Rite-Aid, signing up for freebies, only shopping once a week, sticking to my list, shopping at discount stores, making meals for more than one day …) = $200
  • Not buying something just because I am bored = $50

How am I doing so far? The amount I am now saving each month makes up for what I made last year working a part-time job. I am still just a beginner but I hope that the longer I do this the more additional ways I’ll find to save and my dream will come true!

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