I read two great posts that indirectly related to saving money on toilet paper.

Why Use A Few Sheets When A Wad Will Do at Master Your Card and

Can You Spare A Square? at WiseBread.

I thought those two were very funny and well written and they are about a topic that still seems to be taboo. I remember when I wrote about saving money by buying toilet paper in bulk and what I learned about hospital toilet paper and how some people reacted to those thoughts.

I personally purchase Angel Soft toilet paper for use in my home because it is cheap and it still feels good. I always try to save money on items but not at the cost of irritating my skin. Angel Soft works and it feels good and it saves money so why not.

Some of the commenters brought up using baby wipes (I do this sometimes) and the various pros and cons attached. Other commenters spoke about using cloth reusable wipes (not for me!!!) and washing them in batches.

Baby Wipes

I use baby wipes sometimes because I find that they do make you feel cleaner and fresher than using ordinary toilet paper sometimes. Go ahead and try it and see.
On a point of order, use the regular toilet paper like you normally would and THEN give a quick swipe with the baby wipe. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Cloth Wipes

Some people spoke about using cloth wipes which are simply strips of cloth that are used and then placed in a bin or some other receptacle and then washed when there is a big enough pile. Now before you go turning up your noses in disgust the cloth wipes have been compared to cloth diapers which are treated in the same manner.
While this is certainly a green way to go I do not think that is something I am willing to try. I am just thinking about the buildup of germs and the prewashing etc..and that is only for #1.


Until recently, I thought that a bidet was for the washing of the ‘lady parts’ when taking a bath was not an option. After reading the two posts above and doing some more research I found out just how ignorant I had been. It seems that in many places people use a bidet INSTEAD of toilet paper. They use the toilet and then hop on the bidet and wash off.

This is interesting in a weird sort of way and I can no longer think of bidets in the way I used to.


It was also brought to my attention that in some areas people simply use their hands to wipe after using the toilet and then immediately wash the hands. That is they swipe with their bare hands….no toilet paper involved.

Again this is one method I do not think I will be adopting since it pains me to even get my hand slightly wet if I don’t grab enough toilet paper. I cannot bear to think of doing #2 and opting not to use the tp.

Do you manage your toilet paper use?

Do you use baby wipes?

Would you use a bidet?