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Birthday Money at Saving For a Home Of My Own . My birthday is coming up next month and I hope I get money too since we all know how much I need it.

Review of Bank Stock Holdings at Dividends 4 Life . I think I will be buying some bank stocks when I get out of debt, along with stocks for WalMart since they get so much of my money anyway!!!

I have a Confession to Make at Dollar Frugal . This is actually a two part post where she is running a contest to see what financial secret she has been keeping from us. The first person to guess correctly will win a magazine subscription!!!

The Mortgage Crisis at Living off Dividends and Passive Income . I wonder when this mortgage crisis will end.

Living Under My Parents’ Roof at Her Every Cent Counts . I have no idea how she does it.

I talked about Using Hypermiling to Save Money On Gas at How I Save Money . The Wealth, Money & Life Network members are writing about Transportation for the month of June in recognition of the effects of the super high gas prices on our lives.

Here is a Nifty AAA tool over at The LocoMono Website . It seems to be a fun little tool but it does not take account of luggage and passengers so I am concerned about the accuracy.

Other posts and carnivals:

Listed in the Kids and Money carnival at Money Hacks for Changing How I Save Money in My ING Accounts .