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How To Be a Better Investor in these Difficult Times” at Dividends 4 Life .

Groundhog Day Goals” at Dollar Frugal . She has already paid off $39k on a mortgage this year alone. Wow!

Green Beans are NOT for me” at How I Save Money .

Sequoia Says RIP” at Her Every Cent Counts.

Federal Reserve Hedge Fund” at Living Off Dividends.

Missed Opportunity” at Saving For a Home Of My Own . She is not working any more so she cannot contribute to the retirement fund like she used to.

Debt Bloggers Network

Debt Clock Maxed Out” at Debt Reduction Formula. I think this is a wake up call for the people who run this country. If there is no space for the clock to work then it means things are really out of hand.

Reduced Credit Score” at How I Save Money. My credit score took a bit of a hit recently but I am not worried since I will not be applying for new credit soon.

“DIY Clothesline” at The Financial Wellness Project. I dry my clothes on a drying rack now…but it was great to see the step-by-step instructions.

Rite Aid Single Check Rebates” at On a Quest To Be Debt Free. You guys and gals KNOW I would love to have a Rite Aid where I live so I could take advantage of these deals.

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Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs“at  Fire Finance. I am number 69…so just short of the top half.