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What Would Warren Buffet Do?” at Dividends 4 Life . An interesting set of responses….but bear in mind that Warren does not have the same financial burdens that most of us have so he will make decisions differently.

iPass In Illinois” at Dollar Frugal . Way to save money.

My CVS Trip for October 18 and 19” at How I Save Money . I was not impressed with the CVS selections at the store I visited so I will be making another trip.

Funny Sarah Palin Song” at Living Off Dividends and Passive Income . My lips are sealed on this one.

Cash From FatWallet” at Saving For a Home Of My Own . Passive income is sweet.

Debt Bloggers Network

Outstanding Debt as of October 2008” at Debt Reduction Formula.

Biting the Debt Bullet” at How I Save Money. This is one of my older posts where I decided to really work on getting my debt under control. This was before I knew of words like the debt snowball or the debt snowflake but the concept is the same.

“take Advantage of Your Work Perks” at The Financial Wellness Project.

“” at On a Quest To Be Debt Free.

Around the personal finance world:

Changing Seasons Equals Money Found“at Clever Dude. The Clever Family keeps finding money in their clothes…I guess I need to go ‘help’ them do laundry.