I am not getting married BUT I have been reading a few bridal magazines lately. I found out that many people tend to go overboard and go over their budgets when a wedding comes around.

Here is a wedding money mistake that people often make.

6. Not Knowing What BOTH People Want

Sometimes couples go into a wedding without both parties knowing exactly what the other side wants. The bride (usually) has a grand idea of what the wedding should look like and it is sometimes bigger than what the couple should reasonably spend.

In many cases the bride’s wishes do not leave much room in the budget for what the groom wants and if he wants something that is expensive then the two of them end up spending way more than they had orginally planned.

If both parties talk openly about what they want at the beginning of the planning session then it will save a lot of headache in the end when the budget gets finalized.

You can see how much wiggle room there is for any crazy ideas that you might suddenly decide on later.

Talk to your partener HONESTLY about what you want so that you do not enter marital bliss with financial problems.