I mentioned before that I switched to a High Deductible Health Plan recently and I was not sure how that would work out. I just logged in to the system and saw that I have already used up $173 of my deductible, based on the prices that the doctors have actually charged the insurance companies.

I paid about the same amount to see the doctor as I normally did but in this case the doctor charged a bigger portion of the bill to the insurance company. I am not really sure how I feel about this new insurance plan yet but as time goes on and I have more of my annual exams I will see where the savings are going.

The good thing is that I see my Health Savings Account growing because it is tracked in Mint. I love seeing the balance grow in my savings account because that is the amount that I used to pay in deductibles and I am now gaining interest on it.

I will keep tracking my medical bills and seeing how they affect the budget and spending for the rest of the year to decide if I want to keep this plan or go back to the lower deductible plan with the higher premiums but no Health Savings Account.