I love it when I can actually redeem the points I earn from using my credit cards, and get something useful. I use my Discover gift card to buy gas because I get extra points there and sometimes I will use it for other large purchases such as tuition payments etc.

I recently was able to redeem a bunch of points that had been building up on the Discover account. I opted to get a Discover gift card instead of a gift card for a particular store because I thought that would be easier to redeem when I finally went shopping. I know the card will be accepted at my regular grocery store and I can also use it online so even though it is a branded card I am not worried.

discover gift card

taken from mommysfabulousfinds.com/2012/05/may-buffet-25-discover-gift-card-giveaway.html

I always enjoy getting some kind of income and seeing the gift card is like incoming money for me. I did not have to go and do something ‘extra’ to get the points. All I did was go about my normal routine of filling up my gas tank about once a month. I do make sure to keep my Discover card in my purse so that I can get gas and reserve my Visa card for other purchases.

I used to get CVS gift cards when I was really into the ExtraBucks and building up inventories of toiletries. Now I prefer the flexibility of having a gift card that is not for a specific store so that I have the freedom to use at a different store if I want to.

(header image taken from discover.com )