I am okay physically but I was just shaken up mentally and emotionally last week when I got into an accident. I was driving along a quiet road about two weeks ago when a driver on my left side swerved into my lane and hit my car.

I did not sustain any injuries but my car did get dented and scraped up a bit so it was at the mechanic for a few days while it got checked out and fixed. The other driver did not have insurance so even though the police determined it was HER fault the damages to my car had to come out of MY insurance.

I was really upset about that because I had to take the deductible out of my Car Fund which was really going towards me saving up for my Lexus.

Total repair cost: $983.17

Deductible: $250

I am happy that I have good insurance and I was covered under the uninsured motorist portion because otherwise my insurance would have denied my claim and I would have had to pay the full cost of the repairs on my own.

I am REALLY annoyed at the circumstances of the accident because I was not speeding, I was minding my business and if the other driver had just slowed down then she would not have had to swerve into my lane to avoid rear ending the person in front of her who was trying to turn left.

I was able to get a rental car at no additional charge from my insurance company for the duration of the repairs (5 business days) so I was not inconvenienced by that aspect of it at all.

This all just goes to show that even when you are being careful things can still happen that are beyond your control. It took a couple of days for me to get over being angry at the person who did not have insurance but I am over it now, especially since I realize that I could have been physically hurt if things had gone worse than they did.