I celebrated a birthday last month and had saved up and created a budget of $345 that I could spend to spoil myself. After being a saver for so long it was really hard for me to find ways to spend the money because I kept feeling that I needed to save it instead.

I forced myself to spend and although it took me two weeks to get all that birthday money spent I finally did it. Here is the breakdown of where the money went.

  • $17.41 on books and nail glue
  • $27.00 on pedicure
  • $256.76 on clothes
  • $72.96 on dinner

Grand total of $325.43 spent on my birthday. I cannot believe that I did not even spend the full amount because I thought I was really doing ‘well’. I spent the $17.41 on TWO books and got the nail glue because I ripped a thumb nail down the center and there was no other way to repair it.

I paid $27 for the pedicure, including the tip and although it has been two weeks and my toes still look great, I think that is a lot to spend on one thing.

I ended up spending the $72.96 on two lobster and steak dinners at Red Lobster which I insisted on paying for myself because I was not sure if I would be able to spend the birthday money any other way.

I went clothes shopping on two separate days because I do not like shopping and quickly got bored or frustrated or overwhelmed with the stores the first  time. Day one of shopping I spent $48.70 and got two pairs of pants and one shirt at one store and then I spent $14.39 and got one shirt. Then two weeks later I forced myself to go into a store and get some more clothes for work and spent $144.97 but I think I scored well. I managed to get 8 blouses and jackets for work and partying!!!!!