So I caved in and bought the gym pass after all. My best friend guilted me into buying it because the benefit would more than outweigh the cost.

The gym pass costs $100 this semester and I found classes that I am interested in and can fit into my schedule. The zumba classes are one hour each and the core (abs) classes are 20 minutes each. I can fit in two zumba classes and 2 ab classes during the week, and may even take something on the weekends as well.


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If I stick to the two day schedules I will be getting 2 hours and 40 minutes a week. This translates to about $3 per class for the full semester if I go every week.

I think that following a trainer for $3 a session is great…especially since my fitness tracker shows that I take more steps when I use the trainer than when I work out at home. I guess spending that money will be a good motivator for me because it is non-refundable and I do not want to feel like I wasted that very hard earned money.

In any case it will be good for me because I have to schedule time to go and work out and this will also be a good stress reliever during this semester of intense study!