I just completed some offers on Cash Duck and I am waiting to see what happens with them. I have signed up for free trials and also for items where you have to pay a small fee like a shipping and handling fee.

There are over 50 pages of offers you can try out where the advertiser is basically giving you something to try out their products or services.
Remember that you can sign up for a number of different free offers and make some extra cash for those little things you need.

Go ahead and click on the picture below to sign up as one of my referrals:

When I do get my payout I will use it to make one of the (small) minimum payments on a credit card in an effort to snowball my debt.

I am putting the largest amount in payoffs to the loan that I have on the old car since this is the debt I have targeted as my first payoff amount.

If you choose not to sign up as my referral (and why would you not want to be my referral?) then you will still get assigned as someone’s random referral because Kira has the site set up so that everyone fuels someone else’s efforts.

You do get the chance to make your own referrals and earn a small percentage of the amount the make so it is good to build up your referrals.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would click on the pics of the little duckies and be my referral:

When you sign up if you are asked for a referral then put lulugal11 as your referral source.

If you need any advice I would be happy to share my experiences with you.