I recently closed an account as part of my streamlining efforts so that I would have fewer accounts to deal with. I had only opened that account to get the sign on bonus and since the interest rate was low I did not keep any money in there.

I transferred the balance out back to ING and stopped any transfers between the two accounts and then called customer service a few days later to close the account. The process went through smoothly and I put the debit card in the pile of things to shred on the weekend, removed the account from Mint.com and promptly forgot about that account.

Then yesterday I received a check in the mail….for $0.02.

Yes, two CENTS.

I thought it was a joke but saw that there was a letter with the check, explaining that this was interest owed to be on the balance on the account at the time of closing.

So the system sent me a check for two cents!!!!!

I really wish that this waste of paper and a stamp had not taken place…but even if there was  human involved the bank is legally obligated to send me the interest on the account…so I now have a check for $0.02.

I am not sure what to do with ‘all’ that money.  Should I

  • deposit the check
  • frame the check

Let me know what you think I should do.

(And remember to check out the Money Thought For The Day and let us know what YOU can do with a dollar.)